Juvia makes her feelings well known and views other females as rivals when they get too close to Gray. 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Gallery 4.1 Anime 4.2 Fan Art 5 Trivia Grey and Juvia share a very close friendship that has developed across their time together in the Fairy Tail guild. As they struggled to make their speech, I noticed Gray's arm around Juvia's waist. They even end up living together during the time span of the Tartaros Arc, parts of their personality beginning to rub off on one another like any other couple. Eventually, (at like the intro) I fell hard for Gray. Artwork credit goes to the talented elsetge. After nodding with Ersa, Levy and Mira, we all stood up and walked up to the two who were standing on a bench table. The two say together. BUt then Juvia came. Juvia attacks Meredy. They grew up together and yes, obviously, it would be really awful if they get together. Think about it. By the final chapter, Gray finally admits his true feelings for Juvia (in his own way). Ever since she joined Fairy Tail, Juvia has worn her heart on her sleeve and freely expressed her feelings for him. if you read the manga, the final chapter titled ‘friends you can’t do without’ there seems to be a revelation there, but Mashima decided to leave it to our imagination. Gruvia is the het ship between Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser from the Fairy Tail fandom. Despite being close friends, the two are forced to … Then Gray notices that Juvia still has the scar when they battled Invel. Last edited by vinheim on Aug 2, 20 1:44am The episode that Gray and Juvia kiss in the show 'Fairy Tale' is an episode called 'Love Slide'. The more I think about it, the more sure I am that when Gray and Juvia become canon in the manga, there will be a kiss involved. Juvia was a mage in the Phantom Lord guild until they battled Fairy Tail. Why Gray And Juvia Will Get A Kiss. I very much sure that they are not in love, and that they are true friends. Sure, he may say something that vaguely implies he returns Juvia’s feelings at some point. Does Gray Fullbuster have feelings for Juvia Loxar in Fairy Tail? Invel takes control of Gray and Juvia's minds. The air felt heavy and everybody stared blankly at each other. 7 Fanon: Gray & Lucy Meredy tells Juvia that all the damage she takes will be felt by Gray, Juvia asks her how dare she try to hurt Gray-sama, and attacks Meredy by rushing at her cloaked in water.Meredy is blown away, but uses her Three Spread Sensory Link and Juvia uses a whirlpool to attack Meredy once more. Juvia fell in love with Gray at first sight, but Gray feels nothing more than friendship, the same he feels towards any guildmate. Hell NO!! You can catch this episode on YouTube. Watch Fairy Tail Final Season Episode 307, Gray and Juvia, on Crunchyroll. "TO GET MARRIED!" Of course NOT!! [there’s a scene where Juvia is drunk, so Gray has to drag her out of the party. "H-Hi guys." See, I read the manga and watch the anime Fairy Tail. Gray is just not the type of person to make any kind of love confession. Juvia stuttered. This is when she fell in love with Gray and eventually joined Fairy Tail.

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