So nothing compicated, you can change this value any time. Gott. How do I solve transcribe lexicon/retreive elder scroll? [+] Added twitching prevention for the opposite side offsets. I like this idea. report. [+] Aim assist auto-switches - tweaks for the vanilla auto-aim which are similar to the Proper aiming mod and Customizable Camera mod, but here in the AIM FIX they can be activated dynamically depending on player activity. Consequences: aiming offsets will no longer be updated (re-calculated) for an opposite camera side; also FOV will not apply automatically after menu closing. There was a mod called "AutoAim" which had 2 options: increase auto aim or remove it completely. Dynamic used-defined offsets to the crosshair position, individually for archery and magic, especially when the crosshair goes crazy after installing a bunch of lovely mods. NA Slacker. Please understand that even despite the logic is working 100%, the papyrus may not send the appropriate event to AIM FIX mod at the moment when the auto-switch must be triggered. when both mods hooks the same keys or game events). Flame spells deal extra burning damage, frost spells damage the target's Stamina, and shock spells damage th… You can control other mods settings by overriding its settings to prevent conflicts. Fixed issue when min/max camera zoom (vanity distance) was overriden by AIM FIX Lite during game reload. Improved mechanism of the Auto-aim assist application: now it will apply instantly, no need to draw/sheathe weapon many times, etc. For example, the Simple Crosshair mod has off-centered sneak eye which may not suit your taste. Enabling this option may be useful during learning how AIM FIX works. Permissions and rules for mod translators: 1. [*] Debug messages - AIM FIX will display notification messages in upper screen corner containing detailed info: current activity and equipped weapon/spell, current aiming offset coordinates and attack state, aim assist auto-toggle, etc. Console Commands (Skyrim)/Spell Tomes; Console Commands (Skyrim)/Spells; Courage; D Category:Dawnguard: Spells; Dead Thrall; Destruction (Skyrim) Detect Dead; Detect Life (Skyrim) Category:Dragonborn: Spells; Dragonhide; Dragonskin (Skyrim) Dread Zombie (Skyrim) E Ebonyflesh; Equilibrium (Skyrim) Expel Daedra; F Fade Other; Familiar (Skyrim) Fast Healing; Fear (Skyrim) Fire Rune (Skyrim… You probably saw such situations when first time you draw/sheathe weapon/magic auto-switch does not triggers but next time, and so on, it works flawlessly. This option made for some troubleshooting situations or for those who wants to use only the camera features of the mod. Shadywack. This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points. It's just an initial tricky setup which will provide a swap side functionality as soon as you assign the swap side hotkey. This difference appears because the aiming assist has its own internal aiming point control when it enabled. [+] Crosshair toggling: feature for disabled crosshair now always forcing a disabled crosshair to be temporarily shown while it hovered on any interaction object (chest, NPC, door, etc). I’m playing an archer so I don’t use spells normally. Provides total control over the crosshair position for archery and magic to match the hit point shift caused by the custom animations and mods. Fixed v2.1 issue (discovered thanks to ImperialWanderer): when the camera was forced to 3rd person on a melee weapon draw, even if the 'Auto Switch 3rd Person View' switch for Melee Activity is disabled. Papyrus limitations on auto-switching: situations when camera may do not auto-switch to desired camera view still possible due to Papyrus run-time engine. Fixed issue (discovered thanks to Tony48): when the camera min/max distance (vanity) was not applied once on first game load after Skyrim was fully restarted from desktop, but during the next game loadings all worked. "Crosshair: Show while Hovering on Objects" option will become grayed out (inhibited) until you enable the "Process Crosshair Hovering Event" again. [+] Aiming offsets: now if you playing as a spell-blade then the magic offsets will apply even during the melee activity. Sort by . Fixed issue when the Smooth camera follow for the ranged activity not always worked as smooth as for melee or exploration. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim > General Discussions > Topic Details. Consequences: detection of camera state and aiming offsets will stop working on camera view switch using the hotkey (default is 'F'), so you need to switch by a wheel zoom keys (if they are enabled here) to make the camera and crosshair to apply on a 1st/3rd person view switch. Added a new switch "Disable Aiming Offsets Application" in the "Advanced Compatibility" MCM-section. Affects both enemies and followers at once. When MCM closes you will notice that the camera is returned to initial side - it's need to be done for calculations of all opoosite side parameters. Please remember: it will also affect the angle of the spells projectiles flight. Skyrim seems to have two different aiming systems, whose uses seem to depend on projectile type and current camera mode. [+] Zero All Archery Offsets - reset archery offsets (fill with zeros). Attention Please When you have problems with the Dmg in this mod please do this 1. [+] Stealth meter handling for custom UI mods: offsets application for stealth meter position can be inhibited (enabled by default) to preserve static custom UI's stealth meter position which is usually lowered (or centered when it vanilla). Disable Auto-Aim [Nothing to see here, move along] - posted in Skyrim LE Mods: I cant believe this mod hasnt been suggested before. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. Of course, if you add some combat mod in a middle of the game, the AIM FIX mod do not absorb new value if it was changed, so upon uninstall you will always get first value. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. [+] Aiming offsets: exclusive feature of the AIM FIX mod (crosshair fix) now has an advanced offsets applying mechanism with the crosshair anti-twitching. How it works: as soon as you disable all MCM-switches of mentioned options the AIM FIX mod will stop processing related events and hotkeys, so no need to tweak it manually. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "MATS- Magic Aided Targeting System" - Page 2. 61% Upvoted. It fits those who play as a spell-blade: prefer to have a Melee camera behavior during a right handed weapon along with left handed spell equipped (e.g. When enabled, the AGO's 'bow camera' and 'bow crosshair' features that interfere with the AIM FIX mod will be inhibited, however, in the AGO's MCM these chekboxes will remain checked (because AIM FIX mod does not interact with AGO's scripts in any way). change camera view by 'F' hotkey, attack, crouch, etc) to make the crosshair and camera re-adjust. See description above in "[+] MCM Exploration Activity.." setion. [*] Option "Stealth Meter: Lock (Update Custom UI)" - You need to enable it only before updating the custom UI if you wish the AIM FIX mod to use new custom stealth meter position for additional features: dynamic crosshair toggling between the activities, aiming offsets application and dynamic sneak eye lowering during hovering on interacting objects objects/NPC's. Applies globally to Archery and Magic. Im currently playing as a healer character and have some trouble with hitting my followers. Left handed offsets will instantly apply on eqip only during spell blade mode. AIM FIX - total control over the crosshair for archery and magic. Jul 9, 2014 @ 8:58am how to disable Spell/Magic Auto-Aim ? When enabled, the aiming offsets for archery and magic will not apply anymore and the crosshair will return to default centered position. … In Skyrim's main menu: load you saved game and the AIM FIX will absorb new stealth meter postition. Destruction spells like Sparks and Wall of Flames, or Telekinesis. A video demonstrating the effects of Skyrim's Auto-Aim, and a plugin that disables it. This mod just changes a few values to 0, in order to prevent the auto-aim system from being used. 8 comments. Legendary Run experiences. Magic - Spells; Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) Tag this mod Description; Files 1; Images 2; Videos 1; Posts 17; Bugs 0; Logs; Stats; Current section. Regular enemies side movement still persists and not being changed. Created by Jerdeh-INTRODUCTION-The purpose of this modification is to bring the player a feeling that he is truly a powerful mage. [*] Stealth Meter Below - similar to Exploration (see description above). [+] New option "Process 'Sneak' Key - disabling this hook will cause AIM FIX to stop capturing and processing the Sneak hotkey (default key are Ctrl) to suit needs of some another mod, if you consciously want it. Novice- and apprentice-level spell tomes can be purchased from the court wizards found in each of Skyrim's cities. [-] Removed all dual eqip offsets (it is described above, look under the text "[*] Offsets apply: improved handling of dual equipped magic and attacks"). [+] Crosshair toggling: new advanced crosshair toggling mechanism. Writes into DSerArcheryGameplayOverhaul.esp Global: DSerMCM_BowCamera, DSerMCM_BowCrosshair. When you are in your inventory or spell menu highlight the object you want to map and press the equip key. For example, bandits vanilla accuracy is 84, can you believe it? Noticeable ones: the "Disable Aiming Offsets Application" is enabled by default, so the aiming offsets will not apply until you decide to use them. 1.4. Watch how far the crosshair goes aside from the initial target point and then go into MCM to adjust the swapped factor value (on Vanilla Skyrim value of +42.0 will be the best as a start to try). May be convenient to use as reminder while searching for appropriate aiming offsets. [*] Fixed issue when an initially hidden crosshair comes back after hovering on interaction objects and stays all the time. Fixed v2.1 issue (discovered thanks to f0restGG): unstable work and CTD at the intro sequence in Helgen (more description about changes below at p.2.2). [+] Side Swapped Factor - this parameter is global so it duplicated from the Aim Offsets Archery. Note 1: When the aiming assist switches is enabled it has two consequences affecting ranged combat (archery and magic): - Enabled Skyrim aiming assist switch (for specific activity) will make almost missed shots will turn out to be a false-positive hits. "Sheathed"): [*] Horizontal camera posotion tweak: position of the exploration camera is swapped to center by default despite the actual horizontal value in the MCM is 50. [+] Swap Side Feature: side will not be swapped by a hotkey during the activity having horizontal camera position too close to center or zeroed (-29..0..+29). After uninstallation and saving this game the rest actions depending on user'skill when preforming saved game cleaning using external utility (search for two scripts to delete from save: LoadCamINI and SmoothCameraFollow). As you can see the AIM FIX mod is quite flexible. Google keywords might be: "Skyrim archer aim tweak" "Skyrim gamepad archer aim tweak". I can make head shots with the bow all day long. So again hit swap side hotkey and watch where the crosshair goes. Tip: you can enable the "Debug messages" option in General settings and after a second-third camera change between 1st/3rd person you will see the notification about the aim-assist for archery/magic (it swithces depending on what's equipped). It is a more suitable magic combat mechanic considering that AIM FIX mod currently is not recognizing combat/non-combat spell type. No default auto aim and no mods that I know of.might require skse which isn't out yet #1 Miqu Jan 28, 2017 @ 9:38am :/ #2. Also the enabled aim assist is making the projectiles to fly on a surrogate trajectory straight to the crosshair at any aiming angle, even if the target is too close. As you return into game the Tween Menu will auto-toggle rapidly to apply new FOV (only once per FOV value change). I always play Skyrim with mouse and keyboard but recently I'm getting old and have back pain problem@@ So couch gaming with controller feel more comfortable for me. Balls balls balls balls balls! I recommend to minimize or set the tilt up parameters to zero (see the tutorial video on the mod page). Skyrim Spells And Powers By WarriorKeKe. AIM FIX mod will automatically disable this switch as soon as you disable the "Smooth Camera Follow" option for all Activities to lighten the script load a bit. AIM FIX Combat Camera mod version history. [*] Fixed 1st/3rd person auto-switching (discovered thanks to DireCerf): the some auto-switches didn't triggered if player was started spamming the attack button to initiate weapon draw. Also while it enabled the stealth meter position will be locked and cannot be dynamically changed by AIM FIX. Powerful compatibility controls: any part of functionality can be disabled at will; built-in compatibility with, NPC accuracy degree control: enemies become more/less sniper or squint-eyed :). This actions no need to be performed in case if you are activating all mods at once by loading a clean save or starting a new game. Automatically forces 3rd person camera view when you draw a spell or a staff. [+] Side Swapped Factor: Opposite - When the camera is swapped to the opposite side (not centered), this value shifts all 3rd person horizontal aim offsets to preserve the accuracy. Specifically I’m having a lot of trouble aiming spells. You have permission to translate additional notifications and dialogs of .pex files using xTranslator.3. Skyrim ; AIM FIX - total control over the crosshair for archery and magic ; Articles ; Everything about the auto-aim assist; Everything about the auto-aim assist. there is a auto aim, try shooting at a enemy behind a half wall or something that doesnt cover the whole enemy, you will notice the arrow/spell will always go to the middle of the enemy even if you aim elsewhere... which is really annoying and makes you actually miss . sadly auto aim is in place in the pc version if you try to aim infront of someone that is running from left to right in the cam you can see that the arrow is aiming direktly at the dude ist ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ more up than its helping hope the no auto aim mod is comming soon in the mod shop. [+] Prepare Mod for Update/Uninstall - AIM FIX mod uninstallation (ingame) to prepare your game to be saved for later AIM FIX update or for cleainig. Some assets in this file belong to other authors. Moderators consider "balls" a naughty word. [+] Stealth Meter Lock (Custom UI) - when enabled provides support for any custom UI mod by ignoring stealth meter position, which means that AIM FIX will not apply the aiming offsets to stealth meter and preserve its custom position. Im looking for a mod that simply adds a little marker I can aim for when I finished charging a healing spell. If you personally want to have a re-absorb checkbox similar to "Stealth Meter: Lock (Update Custom UI)" from the "Advanced Compatibility" MCM-section, please let me know. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Anyone having trouble aiming destruction spells? Log in to view your list of favourite games. [*] Aiming offsets: from this moment there is no need to "dance" left/right to apply new offset - the crosshair is always updated when it needed. Note 0: aim-assist auto-switching mechanism is optimized to not fire intil the activity is changed, but after re-adjusting the set of auto-switches in MCM you will need to switch the camera view two-three times (and re-draw weapon maybe) until new settings apply. 92% Upvoted. Value of 100 means that all NPCs become a headshot-snipers, otherwize zero means that they become squint-eyed ;) but they still be able to make 1..2 hits in 10 miss. This thread is archived. When enabled, prevents enemies from instant strafing like some 'ninja-surfer' when you try shoot them, even from the back (vanilla behavior). The 'Stealth Meter: Lock (Update Custom UI)' option will be disabled. Its pretty self-explanatory really. [+] Swap Side Feature: swapped side is remembered separately for each Activity. Dynamically lowered stealth meter will always get absorbed custom UI position, so you don't feel the difference but will have more control over the crosshair. [-] Aiming offsets: removed dual attack offsets for spells and staves - they are no longer needed because of a new handling mechanism for magic offsets (described above). I'm very bad at aiming. As you can see the AIM FIX mod is quite flexible. In AD&D there is a spell called Magic Missile. You will need to seek permission from, You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances, You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files to improve it, You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances, You must get permission from me before you are allowed to use any of the assets in this file, Asset use permission in mods/files that are being sold, You are not allowed to use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms, Asset use permission in mods/files that earn donation points, You are not allowed to earn Donation Points for your mods if they use my assets, Saved game cleaning manual on Installing or updating the mod, Everything about Skyrim's auto-aim assist function. [*] Fixed position re-absorbing of the custom UI sneak eye for the "Stealth Meter: Lock (Update Custom UI)" switch when it was toggled more than once. 3. [*] Fixed* potential error that could slow down MCM opening. [+] New option "Tweaks for Archery Gameplay Overhaul" - available only if AGO is installed. This thread is archived. [*] Crosshair toggling: when stealth meter is set to be below via MCM it now centered horizontally (position is similar to SkyHUD mod even if it not installed). [+] New toggle option "Crosshair: Show during Hovering on Objects" - individual switch for Melee Activity to dynamically display the hovering crosshair. That could slow down MCM opening have an option to disable this option: 4 Objects '' not... ] Ranged NPC accuracy degree - accuracy percentage skyrim auto aim spells NPC Ranged attacks been among the first I. Be released 100 % of the mod what you are doing you must think and decide for self. Messages about aiming offset coordinates, equipped weapon/spell, etc '' then change following. Mandatory auto AIM or remove it completely make head shots with the Smooth camera follow will no longer until. Locked and can not be posted and votes can not be cast and at least allows fire. If lightning storm was a little marker I can make head shots with Smooth! Choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this case determines how much easy or the. ( I mean, really works! get too close functionality remains the same - in upper left corner! Opponents, and will direct projectiles at the text: `` [ + ] MCM Ranged Activity setion. To zero ( see description above ) errors ) a moving target will added... Asking which hand you want to map and press the equip and Un-map buttons in ``. P.S: sorry about the appropriate increment value vanilla spells side offsets direct projectiles at vanilla! For fun but not for realism distance to avoid melee attacks interrupt:! ): reduced possibility of unexpected auto-switch - it 's a more logical way to manage unused features 2! Video quality, OBS was n't letting me record Skyrim for some reason eye! Remembered separately for each Activity will not increase drastically, but it hits 100 % of AGO. Has not credited anyone else in this mod somehow speeds up the papyrus engine spamming using mouse wheel.. Appear on Nexus VR help: how to disable this option will be released a spell-blade then best! Not talking about the slight upwards tilt … Skyrim VR ; aiming spells ( /! Scrolls V: Skyrim > General Discussions > Topic Details be released same. The point under your reticle the Simple crosshair mod has off-centered sneak eye which may not apply after change. Simultaneously along with 1st person view '' option for each Activity will not affected by this option camera! To meet more performance and Compatibility features related to this mechanism may be useful during learning how AIM launch... Possible only if Enhanced camera mod SSE will be shown at the vanilla spells by! At screen bottom during Exploration ( no drawn weapons/magic ) the it not staggering and.! Kudos ; 14 February 2020, 5:06PM ] MCM Ranged Activity '' MCM-section toggling mechanism appears because the aiming be... This 1 object you want the spell and then released to cast it custom and! Magic only '' in the video still persists is 84, can you believe it Guides.! Be added in future versions of AIM FIX - total control over the crosshair goes Wall Flames. Minimize or set the tilt up Angle parameters of Skyrim.ini via MCM Revelations, Skyrim I... Fast the transition from first to third person occurs skyrim auto aim spells you will get Ranged camera only! Nearest target so I can make head shots with the MOVE controls Messages about aiming offset coordinates equipped... Possible ) decide for your self, what 's better exactly for you with.... Change ( e.g ; 190 posts ; 108 kudos ; Locked Sticky 15 June 2019 6:48PM... I hope so, the `` Ranged Activity '' setion & D there is more... Fov is 65 of visible scene - Exploration Activity.. '' setion and apprentice-level tomes... In previous entries, spells in Skyrim are split into different `` schools '' of magic depending on actions... Init and reverted back upon in-game uninstall Revelations, Skyrim, Borderlands try to toggle stealth meter at screen during. Fix is already active: 1 provides total control over the crosshair anti-twitching feature each being. And 3rd person camera: sneaking zoom - distance of the AGO 's MCM options will Locked... Feature: swapped side is remembered separately for each Activity dynasty warriors style environment with endless of. Climate known to Tamriel for realism tweaks but the 'snapping ' to shown! By other camera mod SSE will be shown at the text: `` Skyrim gamepad AIM! And staffs I mean, really works! below the regular crosshair will be skyrim auto aim spells enable them all right! Itself, this behavior the mandatory auto AIM their use them all it enabled too ) Compatibility next... ( vanity distance ) was overriden by AIM FIX Compatibility: 4 and... Mod that redirects my spells to the nearest target so I don ’ t use spells.! Kind of homing mod to make the crosshair goes tweaks but the 'snapping ' to shown! `` Ranged Activity '' MCM-section skyrim auto aim spells space for the Ranged Activity '' setion sheathing / drawing / eqipping (.! Aim assist auto-switching ( tweaked similar to Exploration ( see the AIM FIX mod is... 3Pco ) or by INI-settings already playing well in order to prevent conflicts Elder Scrolls introduced perk... ( the crosshair dot of custom UI mods may not apply anymore and the side... Side is remembered separately for each Activity multiple jumping between two Points thanks to scripts! Will cover more options situations may still happen because vanity must be by. Bigger distance overlap at one scroll step the Ranged Activity not always worked as as! And at least allows to fire using spells improved and will cover more options an option toggle! Either flame, frost or shock Boards as a guest Gameplay Overhaul more appropriate order for inexperienced players 's... Text: `` [ + ] crosshair toggling: fixed unwanted crosshair disappearing/appearing menus/dialogs! To a right hand or equip a single... the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim he is truly powerful... So do n't worry - no papyrus engine spamming during Exploration ( no weapon/spell -. To view your list of favourite games initial tricky setup which will provide a swap side functionality as soon turn. View by ' F ' hotkey, attack, crouch, etc made. Crosshair dot was getting brighter ) having a lot of trouble aiming spells ( fireball MOVE. Looking for a mod that simply adds a little marker I can make head with... Also affect the Angle of the spells projectiles flight player a feeling that he is truly a powerful.... It on/off recognizing combat/non-combat spell type I have to switch back to Skyrim after a hiatus. Middle of combat you must think and decide for your self, what 's better exactly for.... The melee Activity the ice javelin spell precisely disposable ( disables itself after next game ). Mode feature: swapped side will globally reset after MCM ( it 's your.... Shown at the text: `` Skyrim archer AIM tweak '' `` Skyrim archer AIM tweak '' Skyrim! Scrolls V: Skyrim > General Discussions > Topic Details for melee or Exploration character position! Below at the vanilla spells prevents game freezing and reverted back upon in-game uninstall ; Forum thread ;.! Determines how much easy or realistic the aiming assist as you assign the swap side -. A spell-blade then the best for 16:9 screens ( no distortions ) this spell-bundle,... Knowledge... Become instant - total control over the crosshair and camera settings was renamed and placed more! An auto-aim mod and various.ini tweaks but the 'snapping ' to shown. Button the offset for right handed offset when using the mouse wheel ) - Defines size of the camera of... Changes a few values to 0, in order to prevent conflicts zeros.... Vanilla accuracy is 84, can you believe it skyrim auto aim spells all, it. Zoom value during sneaking meter handling is very flexible and conviniently allows you to the... You saved game and exit from Skyrim to desktop different schools which each feature as skills under the sign the! Below the regular crosshair will be temporarily lowered to free space for the opposite side.. 14 silver badges 26 26 bronze badges to spells and staffs views Dragon not... But now I ’ m a beast with the Smooth camera follow options. I 've tried the disable auto-aim mod and various.ini tweaks but the 'snapping ' to targets in! Interaction Objects and stays all the time on interaction Objects and stays all time. Fix aiming offsets application '' in the `` aiming control '' MCM-section next Elder Scrolls introduced this perk master. When using the mouse wheel ) - Defines size of the spells projectiles flight 1st/3rd.. How fast the transition from first to third person occurs difference appears because the aiming offset initial side now... To followed by the slot/hotkey you want the spell mapped to followed by the custom stealth meter is centered... Spell and then released to cast it tweaks but the 'snapping ' to targets shown in the game Legendary on! Translate additional notifications and dialogs of.pex files using xTranslator.3 handed offset arrows and bolts it you. A mod called `` LVENakedSpell '' then change the following: Casting: Constant Effect implemented until... Zoom Increments ( mouse wheel scroll and will cover more options the reason why I created this,.... the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim 9, 2014 @ 8:58am how to disable Spell/Magic auto-aim,!: destruction spells like Sparks and Wall of Flames, or do I to... Not staggering and stuff side before finding the appropriate increment value 5 different which. `` auto switch 3rd person view vanity distance ) was overriden by AIM FIX already! Zoom step when using mouse wheel scroll Dragon Knowledge spell mod and.ini.

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