We all know Maiden, Saxon, Def Leppard, Venom. ONR005: Random Black - [unreleased] Find great deals for Raider Darker Than Night CD new Obscure NWOBHM . Satan - Court in the Act vs. Blitzkreig - A Time of Changes Holocaust - The Nightcomers vs. Pre-Orders. Shop with confidence on eBay! ONR009: Dealer - First Strike (co-released w/ No Remorse Records) Venom - Black Metal. ONRLP002: Henry Gorman Band (HGB) - The Past Is Alive (LP, non-metal). Shame on you!!! Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. Obscure NWOBHM band RAMPANT reformed; Debut album to be released in 2021. Yet another NWOBHM that failed to produce a studio album, Jameson Raid produced 3 EP's/Demos during their hey-day. 3 Great, Obscure NWOBHM Albums: HOLOCAUST, RITUAL, DESOLATION ANGELS. Shopping. moc/liamg//sesaelerno, Founded by Lord Alatoth. [252] Tank - The Filth Hounds of Hades … THIS ALBUM IS A RARE DIAMOND ! Hieruit trek ik de voorzichtige conclusie dat dus ook niemand deze band en zijn cd's kent. Blog focused on obscure 80s NWOBHM / Heavy / Power / Speed / Epic / Thrash / Doom Metal and Swedish Heavy Metal. www.facebook.com/endevros.gr. Limited to one release per band to prevent the successful artists everyone has heard from flooding out the less fortunate 1 or 2 release bands that make NWoBHM what it is. But most NWOBHM bands only released a single album or EP before disappearing into the mists of time. I'm imploring my fellow metal fans to decide which wrongly ignored album from the NWOBHM era is the best. Speed & Thrash Metal. Not only that, but we are getting some of the best reviews of our career for our new, self titled album.I suppose the whole NWOBHM era is now regarded as being so mythic, it’s hard to see the reality any more. ONRLP001: Dawn Trader - Castle (LP, non-metal) 13. First two Albums Tokyo Blade Self Titled and Night Of The Blade are some fine Nwobhm releases every nwobhm fan should own not the most obscure but underrated. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal re-energized heavy metal in the late '70s and early '80s. Compared to the sleek prog-metal machine the band evolved into, Iron Maiden sees them as a bunch of scruffy East End herberts with a powerful point to prove. Obscure Nwobhm Releases (ONR) Obscure Nwobhm Releases, is a label based in Greece that concentrates their editions on underrated NWOBHM bands, having worked with Goldsmith, Overdrive, Chain Reaction, Dealer, Omen UK and Montreaux amongst others. On this Volume bands from Essex (Redline), Birmingham (L.A) and Wolverhampton (Sabre) presents their only recording material for the first time in a digital format. Founded by Lord Alatoth. Gillan - Magic. 2 Volumes. For quite some time after getting it in the mail, I listened to “Revolution” and it reminded me of something, not so much in sound but in it’s downright basic coolness. The NWOBHM’s very own hallmark band Diamond Head issued an album well into their career entitled “Death & Progress.” While not as raw or brutal as their legendary debut, it had a feel that on the surface didn’t seem especially epic but after a few listens began to reveal itself as something quite impressive. Bashful Alley - 1 Obscure NWOBHM band, 1 demo produced, 1 cassette recorded, and 1 7" single released. Magnum - On a Storytellers Night. Finally I figured it out. BEST OBSCURE AND UNDERGROUND ALBUMS 2/7/12. NWOTHM Full Albums will try to gather the best of Old School Heavy Metal (also speed, thrash, black thrash, epic, power) albums by the bands of the new generation. So the NWOBHM was a pretty big scene at one time. I’m 56 now, and whom would have thought that Diamond Head would still be going strong. 2016 proved to be a stellar year for the New Wave of British Heavy Metal….kings of the genre returned with albums to rival their 80’s heyday, compilations unearthed lost tracks from the more obscure acts and a few – much anticipated – re-releases put key NWOBHM albums back in the hands of aficionados.. Here’s Worship Metal’s top 10 NWOBHM releases for 2016, let the countdown begin: No issue here; Demon’s first two albums are horns worthy. Environment Near Disaster) is an upcoming, melodic Metal band.E.N.D was created during 2011, in Evros (Greece) from Max Draganis their guitarist, singer, lyricist and composer.With the addition of female vocals from sisters Lia and Sia Dimoutsi, songs of END acquired a more lyrical tone.Their debut album, entitled "WINTERING",was recorded at“Nemesis Recording Studio”and it was released on February 20, 2012. Unlisted cat # ONR001: Charlie 'Ungry - The Chester Road Album (CD, non-metal) ONR004: Warrior - Warrior (CD, non-metal) ONR005: Random Black - [unreleased] ONR009: Dealer - First Strike (co-released w/ No Remorse Records) ONR011: Montreaux - Night of the Hunter (CD, non-metal) ONR014: Redline / LA / Sabre - Obscure N.W.O.B.H.M Demos Vol.2 (CD) Tygers of Pan Tang - Wild Cat. Copy link. From Leek, Staffordshire, England, Demon never left behind their classic rock roots, thus even before going full space rock sometime in the mid-80s, Demon always sort of sounded like a ‘70s metal act. For the uninitiated, NWoBHM is only loosely a genre. Is Iron Maiden’s debut album also their best? 2nd album from this amazing Brazilian Thrashers. Info. Unlisted cat # Your shopping cart is empty. ONR001: Charlie 'Ungry - The Chester Road Album (CD, non-metal) They sound similar to post-Dio Rainbow. A1 –More Atomic Rock A2 –More Soldier A3 –More Way Of The World A4 –More I Have No Answer A5 –Girlschool Demolition Boys Despite the fact that the NWOBHM movement was fading in the mid 80's, many new British bands came out after and recorded great albums,but they didnt managed to get recognition and stayed in obscurity. Torme - Back to Babylon. PURE METAL FOR THE NEW AGE What I want here is for you guys to list your favorite obscure NWOBHM bands. We had a chat with mainman George Arvanitakis, about this label. REAL UNIQUE TRUE THRASH METAL BAND. Everybody knows Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, but bands like Satan rarely get the credit they deserve. Close and accept Lords Of The Nwobhm buy CD music On this 2nd release these new wave of Germans once again dig deep into the past, excavating some obscure and not so obscure gems,polishing them to as near as can,perfection!Thanks for rekindling my fascination with this lost … Pure Overkill, Split Album 1983 Q: Quattro, Compilation 1986 R: Rampage Records Sampler, Compilation 1988 Rave - On Hits Hard, Compilation 1985 Ready to Fire, Compilation 1985 Reincarnation I: NWOBHM Rise, Compilation 2001 Revolution Hard Rock: L'Anthologie Du Hard-Rock Francais Des Annees 80, Compilation 1998 Ripp-Rocks Skiva, Compilation 1982 You could make a strong case for it. BEST OBSCURE AND UNDERGROUND ALBUMS 22/11/14. Doom Metal. But there’s no doubt it produced some fine albums and also bands.It was a generational thing. On this Volume 2 bands from Wolverhampton (Nightstalker and Diamond Dogs) and one band from Barry (Lucifer) presents their only recording material for the first time in a digital format. Janik Gers would find success later as guitarist for Ian Gillanis band as well as landing a prestigious gig as Iron Maiden guitarist, a spot which he still … 50.829 gebruikers | 550.232 albums | 477.971 artiesten | 6.437.677 berichten | 3.167.517 stemmen Trivia. The album charted at number 33 in the US, where the band acquired a reputation as Devil-worshippers due to the album cover's depiction of a hellish scene. https://www.discogs.com/label/119073-Obscure-Nwobhm-Releases By browsing this site you accept cookies used to give you a better experience and to analyze traffic. Best Banger: “Don’t Break the Circle” from The Unexpected Guest Cool artwork! ONR004: Warrior - Warrior (CD, non-metal) NWOBHM. Heavy & Power Metal. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in 1280 x 960 resolution or higher. Another great release from Cult Metal Classics AWESOME!! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items It was a superbly-written, massively catchy hard rock album, charged with a huge, killer production. MUSIC:METAL,IDEOLOGY:HUMANE REVOLUTION Tap to unmute. Progressive Rock & Metal. 11. Subject: Dave the Boss´ obscure NWoBHM thread Sun Jul 05, 2009 8:33 pm Oh yes boys and girls, who doesn´t love the good ol´ New Wave of British Heavy Metal? That signature Steve Harris bass sound is there, and singer Paul Di’Anno is on prime form. Submitted on Mon, 19 Oct 2020 14:22 Returned in 2019 with live shows and new album in the works! Bruce Dickinson tries his damnedest, but songs such as Prowler and Charlotte The Harlot just … You shall find no Maidens and Priests here, my fellow R&P members. DVP releases; Pre-orders; Specials & Bundles; Vinyl. Obscure Nwobhm Releases 2019, ltd 500, After the success of the Vol.1 ONR presents the Vol.II of the nwobhm demos. If you like your NWOBHM with keyboards, then White Spirit is for you. CDs. 2012 - The beginning of the END!!! Death Metal. Watch later. ONR011: Montreaux - Night of the Hunter (CD, non-metal) Had they heard it, both the mechanic down in the garage and the exec in the corner office would both have been hard pressed not to crank it up, © Copyright 2014. There were so many awesome bands active back then that never struck gold like Maiden and Def Leppard, so here's what I'm going to do: I'll write a review on a release by a obscure band. NWOBHM At The BBC / Friday Rock Show Radio Sessions / Volume 2: 1980 - 1982 (2018) *not on RYM yet Vinyl only release-collection of BBC takes of various NWOBHM tracks. By the close of the '70s, heavy metal had stagnated, with its biggest stars (Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath) either breaking away from the genre or sinking in their own indulgence, while many of its midlevel artists were simply undistinguished, churning out bluesy hard-rock riffs. This list is limited to full length albums, with a few notable exceptions. Demon’s Night of the Demon not only has one of the greatest album covers of all time, but its opening chant of “Rise, Rise, Rise” is spooky-ooky metal at near-perfection. Famous music journalist Malcolm Dome once wrote of the band, "Jameson Raid are one of the many bands who were definitely contenders for glory during the halcyon days of the new wave of British heavy metal If you like modern melodic thrash, thi is a MUST!!    Check the CULT METAL CLASSICS label website for latest news, FREE SHIPPING for all orders over: 50€ (Greece) • 150€ (European Union) • 300€ (Rest of the World). 13 Angel Dust (3) http://youtu.be/x4U0JDEqp3Y Obscure NWOBHM Releases Website 12" Vinyl; 7" Vinyl; CDs; Tapes; Merch Buy British Metal and NWOBHM Music CDs and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! 10. Despite the fact that the NWOBHM movement was fading in the mid 80's, many new British bands came out after and recorded great albums,but they didnt managed to get recognition and stayed in obscurity. What you shall find is NWOBHM bands and albums that deserve more credit than they get. Share. LET'S TALK METAL # 21. Pavilion theme made by ThemeBurn.com, MEDUSA TOUCH - Terror Eyes: The Anthology, VARIOUS - Obscure N.W.O.B.H.M Demos Vol.1, VARIOUS - Obscure N.W.O.B.H.M Demos Vol.2. LEARN MORE. Ik zie dat nog niemand op de albums van deze geweldige band gestemd heeft. E.N.D. Obscure Nwobhm Releases. 12. [251] The success of the music produced by the movement and its passage from underground phenomenon to mainstream genre, prompted its main promoter Geoff Barton to declare the NWOBHM finished in 1981. (a.k.a. Iedereen die opgegroeid is met de NWOBHM of deze stroming een warm hart toedraagt, zou de albums van deze band in zijn/haar bezit moeten hebben. Obscure Nwobhm Releases 2019, ltd 500, ONR proudly presents the first Volume of the nwobhm demos. NWOBHM RULES SUPREME Lords Of The Nwobhm CD music If Britain didnt invent this style of metal than Germany certainly would have. Powered by Open Cart. ONR014: Redline / LA / Sabre - Obscure N.W.O.B.H.M Demos Vol.2 (CD)

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