It … . It is what causes people to be corrupt, greedy, selfish, and discontent, that, in effect hurts and makes other people to be poor. Perhaps one needs a taste of destitution to gain poverty of spirit. 4. My Personal Mandela Effect Walkers Crisp Packet Experience In Detail, 15. This session happened in May 2007 and despite this being early on in terms of our understandings it is still very advanced in terms of demonstrating how we engage with the causes of  a specific issue AND of how we deal with what turn out to be the actual contributing causes. . At the bottom of every article series page is a NextPage ---> link and then below this link (on most pages) is a menu list of all pages of that specific series. How Would REALITY ‘have to be’ for Each Person’s Experiences & Understandings to be Equally Valid? But here is one very real example where the cause and effect are unmistakable. This definition measures poverty by the amount of money a person earns and establishes poverty rates for communities and countries based on income inequality and financially drawn poverty lines. Required fields are marked *. 3. 1. The cool thing is that when we help to end people’s spiritual poverty, often their physical poverty is reduced as well. While I don't think carbon is a subtle element, diamonds are made of 100% carbon. How to Directly Engage With ALL Instances of a Negative Issue In ALL Past Lives & Beyond? © Clive Shane Hetherington / True Spirit 2016 - 2019+, Matrix, Duplicated 'Population' Simulation Argument Extensive Evidence & Original Research/Investigations, This Site Presents Extensive Evidence that we are in a Duplicated Copied Simulation/2 Bodies Interfaced Together Matrix Reality Combination, Example of How to Approach ‘Resolving’ Poverty & Lack of Money Issues In a Healing Session, An Example Healing Session to Illustrate the Subtle & Spiritual Influences Impacting Money & Poverty Problems, Therapy Session Example Audio’s of a Healer Practitioner Addressing a Clients Money & Poverty Issues. Spiritual, Therapy & Healing Modality Contributions to False, Inauthentic Selves, Exposing Spiritual Conspiracies: Subtle Attacks, Manipulations & Influences, Spiritual Suppressions. Binding Past Life Spiritual Agreements, Contracts, Promises: Some Deeper & Worrying Perspectives!! The Spiritual Causes of Poverty & Money Issues Healing Therapy Example Introduction. Thirteen of these pages include an audio to listen to of part of the full healing session. I’m now living in poverty. ALL article pages, posts and tags on this entire site are listed under the menu link NAV (directly above on the 'right' in the upper main menu) or you can click: Site MAP - HERE. How can Everything be ‘Perfectly’ Unfolding? Video Breaking the Spirit of Poverty I used to think it was. The Lord wants you to have a breakthrough for you to overcome the financial curse. What’s your take on the priorities of helping people spiritually, physical, and in other ways? Those are all good things, but I was reminded in a book I’m reading that poverty is often a symptom of a larger spiritual problem. Series 2: Why many ‘Spiritual, Subtle & OBE’s are Virtual Reality Experiences, Series 5: Mandela Effects Anomalous Memory 18 page Investigation Series. ALL the World is a Stage AND we are EACH AN ACTOR ON THAT STAGE. Every time I see a commercial asking me to sponsor a sad-looking, hungry child or see news video of relief workers distributing grain to starving people I get this uncomfortable mix of emotions – sadness, anger, some guilt that I have so much. I also feel afraid of something. This is specifically why I’m presenting this session as part of the: ‘healing session example’ series because everything that we deal with in this session we had to work very hard just to become aware of. Walkers Crisps Packets Mandela Effect Memory Colour Swap Analysis & Likely Explanation!!! One Strange Rock: Anomalous Earth Phenomenon Actually Investigated & Discussed ‘NOT’ Avoided/Ignored!!!! Within three years, it was all gone. Lacking money, huge swathes of the world’s population never enjoy the effective power to say no to coer… Poll 5: Are your Embedded Environment & Reality Functioning Expectations being met? As we have already spent time in previous sessions identifying contributions and dealing with them for these money issue areas then please note that what was directly ‘visible’ and obvious in subtle ‘shit’ terms was dealt with in the first session within the first ten minutes. Need help seriously. How could Everyone be Living Exactly what is Right and ‘Perfect’ for Themselves? 7. The, From Jessica’s comment: “What happens to me is like a kind of PTSD attacks at some level… which either make me automatically adopt avoidance strategies of potential problems (very frequent, this manifests itself in the adoption of an expression that, Likely only me, haha, I don't have a watch and I don't use i.e. So, we are exploring her money issues by phone with her in the USA and me in the UK. 12Apr: Focus+Are We Living Within a Simulation Missing People Interaction ‘Shit’ & Earth Anomalies Speculation. 2. An example would be I love to daydream and create stories that I want to write and share with others. . There. While these would certainly help, poverty rests in a person’s heart because of sin. Simulation Argument Evidence Collection – POLLS & SURVEYS, Pages Offering Observable MACRO EVIDENCE we are in a Simulation, Are we living in a simulation? A ‘Two Bodies Interfaced Together’ Matrix Reality Theory/Hypothesis Proposal, 4 Deducible Logistic Problems/Anomalies of Interfacing 7+ Billion Individuals to a 2nd ‘Matrix’ Reality Defined ‘Fake’ Body, 5. Modern Medicine, Quality of Research & Health Care Approaches, Practices & Recommendations & the Observable ‘Insane’ Outcomes!!! How would a Simulation Designer HIDE Evidence of Ourselves Being In a Simulation? Subtle Body Healing Channelling Experiments Investigations & Research, Advanced Soul Exploration & Self Healing Exercises FULL LIST page, Exercise to Target your ‘Artificial/Fake Realities’ Managing/Sabotaging EFFORTS, Advanced Soul Exploration & Self Healing Exercises Intro, Self Healing, Self Exploration EXERCISE SET-9 : Targeting the Timing, Order & Sequencing of Scripted Experiences/Events/Traumas, Self Healing, Self Exploration EXERCISE SET-8 : Targeting ALL Scripted ‘Debilitating/Unwanted/Limiting/Containing’ Experiences, Self Exploration / Investigation EXERCISE SET-7 – Targeting ALL Defining Origins of ALL Personal Behaviours & Patterns, Self Exploration / Healing EXERCISE-6 – Targeting Being Made into a Cut Down, Contained, Limited Pre-Defined Version of Myself, Self Exploration / Healing EXERCISE-5 – Target what Keeps Me Disengaged From & Manipulated by Trauma & Emotional & Psychological ‘Sore Points & Hurts’, Self Exploration / Healing EXERCISE-4 – Target what Defines & Contains MySelf & MyLIFE, Self Exploration / Healing EXERCISE-3 – Targeting & Investigating ‘Highly’ Complex Contributions to Myself, HEALING EXERCISE-2 – A New, More ‘Passive’ Approach to Identifying ‘EVERYTHING’ Contributing to ‘YOU’, Negative Issue Identifying Exercise 1: To Identify Everything that Defines or Contributes to ANY Negative Issue & My Moment by Moment Experiences, Exercise to Target our ‘Fake Realities’ Managing/Sabotaging EFFORTS, Simulation Exercises to Identify Neural IMPLANTS Enhancements, Human Implants Exploration EXERCISES-1+2: Accessing Eyesight/Vision Enhancement, GUI, Heads Up Displays, Controls & Options, Human Implants Exploration EXERCISE-3: Engaging with Human Sensory & Memory Implant & Enhancements Technologies, Human Implants Exploration EXERCISE-4: Engaging with Implant Interfacing Installation & Removal & CNS Re-Wiring, Damage & Neural Imprint Possibilities, Human Implants Exploration EXERCISE-5: Engaging with Implanted Music, Song Playing & Integrated Mood, Emotional, Inner State Influencer, Human Implants Exploration EXERCISE-6: Engaging with any Cultural, Secular, Spiritual, Religious, Experiences, Devotional or Alignment Implant, Simulation Exercises to Identify ‘Virtual Reality’ Experiences, VR Experiences Investigations EXERCISE-1: Engaging with EAAS VR Seminars, Talks, Healing, Therapy Demonstrations & Knowledge & Skills ‘Attunements’, VR Experience Investigations EXERCISE-2: Engaging with my VR Avatars, Avatar Design, Clothes Selection & Appearance & Particularly for Different VR Environments & Activities, VR Experience Investigations EXERCISE-3: Engaging with VR Experiences of Sharing Avatars & of Avatar Possession, Entity Attachment Experience Possibilities, VR Experience Investigations EXERCISE-4: Engaging with Specific Details of ANY Copied People Simulation Project VR Accuracy Checking Experiences, VR Experience Investigations EXERCISE-5: Engaging with Details of a Simulated VR Projects External Environment Spaces & Object Functioning Accuracy Testing Experiences, Subtle Awareness Exercises to Activate Subtle Skills, Senses, Perceptions & Abilities, Exercise to Help you Perceive and Sense Subtle Energies, To Help You Become More Sensitive to Yourself, To Help You Directly Engage & Communicate with Spirit Beings, How to Define an Honest & Empowering Spirit Guide Relationship, Gain Awareness of Beings & Spirit Guides in Spiritual Dimensions, Meeting, Contacting & Connecting with Nature Spirits, Detailed Healing Session Example Articles (+ Audios), The Spiritual Causes of Poverty & Money Issues Healing Therapy Example Introduction – 12 Pages, Self Exploration & Self Healing Exercises Introduction. I’ve thought that, maybe, someone cursed me or sent me some kind of negative energy. . Earth as a Simulation Basics: Essential Foundation Information & Definitions, Simulation Evidence: Pages Listing the Evidence so far Presented Here. Simulation Hypothesis Evidence: Why didn’t ANYONE evaluate Spiritual sayings to see if they would make sense for either a Matrix Reality or Simulation Project? A good way to understand this is to think of spiritual poverty as experiencing our state of incompleteness before God. Why has NO ONE Written in Detail of what it would be like to be a Simulated Copied Person? . For all they provide a pattern for coming to terms with, and benefitting from, modernities' dominant values and institutions. Perhaps ALL the Bigger Spiritual Paths are ‘TRULY’ Equal because they ALL Enslave their followers? Problem is, Hi Clive, it's been 8 months since you gave us the last update about what has been going on with respect to our issues and the work of the WSW teams…. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. . I’d keep reading, the ‘simulation’ pages will give you more idea of what we are up against. The most widely used poverty definition focuses on economic poverty. How 1000′s of Healers Contributed To Negative Issues In Past Lives, How Psychic Protection Degrades Subtle Awareness & Perceptions, False ‘Dark LIGHT’ Spiritual Missions From HELL, How a Subtle Implant Provides ‘Discernment’ For Lightworkers, The Spiritual Hierarchy: ‘Masters of Deception, Lies & Spin’ Example. Most people know of the “sacred cows” that roam free, eating tons of grain while nearby people starve. March 31, 2009 3 Comments. It’s important to provide food and other relief. Subtle Cultures Earth Research & Ancient Gods Helping/Supporting the First Incarnated Settlers/Pioneers!!! Anomalous Mandela Effect Discussions Don’t Mention Anomalous Memories or Senses Contributions to these, Some Way, Way Off the Edge Hanging Around C19 & Fake ‘Reality’ Version Circumstances Speculation, Many Interplanetary Cultures ALL Now Trading on 1 Single Planet Anomalies, How Others Can Steal a ‘Souls’ Attributes, Qualities or Abilities, The Periodic Table Anomalous Personal Expectations Phenomena Example. – 2 Why ‘Spiritual, Subtle & OBE’s are Simulated VR Experiences, – 3 Evidence we are Simulating Individuals that ‘via’ an Avatar Worked on the Simulation we are Living Within, – 4 Evidence we are Simulating People with Hi-Tech Neural Implants, Simulation Argument; Some Basic Foundation Information & Definitions an Introduction, A Compilation of 18 Points of EVIDENCE accumulated in the First Series as Earth Simulation Hypothesis Evidence, Earth Simulation Hypothesis More Detailed Evidence Posts List, Focused & Dedicated Exploration of Your Entire Self & Your larger Reality, The Spiritual Causes of Poverty & Money Issues Healing Therapy Example Introduction, All About Psychic & Energetic Protection & -ve Entities, Soul Fragments; Soul Form & Subtle Energy Body Depletion & Recovery, Soul Rescue, Reclaiming Lost Souls; your Ghosts, All About Spiritual Missions and Soul Purposes, Rise of a New Age of Spirituality and Lightwork, Subtle ‘Management’ of Negative Life Issue Causes. Bride of Christ are humble with no pride – they do not brag and show-off. Click the right >> link below for the next page in this series . Awareness of spiritual poverty leads to a turning towards God in order to receive the riches he graciously offers through the gospel. Series 1 – Why Many New Age Sayings ‘DESCRIBE’ a Simulated Copied Reality?

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