(Meaning when they started to view themselves as Americans rather than just as "Virginians" or "Pennsylvanians" and such.) His real name was Fredrick II. Hetalia Fanfiction America is a self proclaimed hero. カリエド,Hose herunandesu Marutinesu Kariedo) Age 20 Gender Male Birthday September 16th Hair Color Black Eye Color Black 1 Game Plot/Game Summary 2 Characters 3 Bug Reports/ Errors 4 Trivia/ Extra Facts 5 Gallery 6 Sources President Timothy Harris has been elected in the United States of America for his third term in the year of 2024. (For terrorist "loud" voices, the only way they get what they want is if they manage to "swing" the majority and force the state's hand through intimidation. Hetalia Day is on October 24 because it shares the same day as... Hetalia basically means... France believes you can't force ___ on somebody. Russia's eyes? Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. (And even then they get confused sometimes. At best they might hold their own for a while, but they will ultimately be defeated in most scenarios. In a harsh world, there are very few these two can depend on especially when skeletons come out of their closets. “It seems as if Americans like to be the center of attention even after they're dead.” ― Hidekaz Himaruya, Hetalia: Axis Powers, Vol. -For the most part I'm going to try to stick to the basic facts of what happened and not divulge too much from said facts of the historical events. -Actual ages should coincide with when their unique cultures first began to appear. (Obviously his physical growth rate slowed down after he reached 19ish despite most of his growth as a country occuring later, so this only applies to colonial times. The implication of this series is that his growth spurt occured when the other colonies recognized him as their country. They are commonly referred as 2P. -Sometimes the lines between big brother/sister blurs with father/mother relations. Some states have more responsibility in overseeing certain bases or departments (Virginia oversees the Pentagon), but when they enter the battlefield it is under the banner of their respective National Guards. America is tall and leanly muscular. The roots of voodoo came with them. Russia's eyes? 2p America Hetalia America Cop Outfit Alfred Jones Black Leather Corset Latin Hetalia Best Beans Bunny Outfit Hetalia Axis Powers. -Some states do have closer relations to different countries than others simply because of where embacies are placed. -The independent relations of states to other countries don't always reflect America's feelings towards said country. And new country to dig up facts for, meet the one and only America! The goal is to at least have the prestatehood history of all the states before beginning real work on the stories related to these characters. Who dose England hate the most? His rea name was Fredrick ll. So, it's a bit of a double edged sword. The Manga Research Club: Netherlands lowkey makes money by selling drugs to teenagers and he makes about $140 a week. She thinks her parties are better than her older brother's, North America. (That's coming up with 50 unique and interesting names that should somehow be relevant to their cultures/identities... Are you kidding me?). Who was grand pa Romes body grad but, is now his enemy? Old Man Fritz was actually a King of Prussia. He is physically 19 years old. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Tags. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Only in the last half century or so have they started taking interest in getting along with other countries. Likewise, the states have histories and interactions with each other and other countries that predate their statehood. -Relations between U.S. states and Canadian provinces are more complicated. France attempted to win America over with food, something France was way better at making than England. Presidential orders, of course, supercede a governor's authority. (Ex: Hungary was nomadic for a long time, meaning she wasn't tied to any particular piece of land.) Although, in the Gakuen HetaliaPSP game, he jumps into the water to save a drowning America. Who is Germanys' older brother? -For the most part States are obedient to their governors and faithfully follow orders, but they can at times be difficult to handle and rebellious. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! Who are on the Axis powers? 9. Japan was initially extremely reluctant to even go outside to meet America, having been holed up in his house for at least 200 years, but was eventually compelled to interact with him when his claim that his people can only speak … (These are not always the results of disenfranchisement, but they usually stem from some sort of dispute regarding one part of the population trying to wrestle control/recognition of a state from another group. A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News, Sweden don't make Finland angry. What does America's ahoge (his cowlick) represent? Haven't decided their exact relations, but they will be siblings on some level) There are very few states and provinces who would even consider claiming each other as siblings beyond direct historical reasons since they're separated by national borders. Tennessee has super stamina because he tends to outlast everyone on the battlefield without slowing down. https://theunitedstatesofhetalia.fandom.com/wiki/Category:United_States?oldid=4528, Normal: President > America > Governors > States, War: President > America > High Ranking Military Personal > States. Saved by Goofy Goober. 2 Support Sporcle. Both New Brunswick and Maine were considered parts of Acadia at one point.) (Example: New Brunswick and Maine are brother and sister mostly because the lines between them were so heavily disputed and contested between France and England during the colonial days. Who has a crush on Russia? -While the relationships with America as mentioned above will be touched on (some more heavily than others) this story primarily concerns the relationships between the states and isn't centered around America's interactions with them. (Ex: In WWII, the states will be shown in action with their militias on the battlefield, but they will also be shown in stories about what was simultaneously going on at the homefront.) There have been more than a few instances where a state has turned on its governor. -The states essentially are America. It would probably be better to say the voices are like that "nagging feeling I need to do something" rather than actual words being said. -Governors are the states' bosses. (Example: Kentucky claims Virginia and Tennessee as siblings, but Virginia and Tennessee don't view each other as family. Where history is pretty controversial, and even professionals who spend their whole lives studying it can't always agree, I'm not going to guarantee that I'll be showing the honest-to-God-150% truth and some personal bias/creative license is bound to slip in at times. 2P!Hetalia Wiki is a fanmade website where fans create and post fanmade or official 2P characters from Another Color. His real name was Fredrick II. People that rally together and demand to be heard over the majority are considered "loud" and almost always get the state's notice as they grow in numbers, but that doesn't mean they always get a state's sympathy. This is ESPECIALLY true for the original 13 states. Seriously. High quality Hetalia America gifts and merchandise. His physical appearance is 23 years old. (Example: New Englanders tend to ignore embargos and continue trading with provinces even when their countries are fighting. * "So, you mean to tell me that you have a history with voodoo and you never once told me?" -For states formed out of preexisting territories or states, distinguishing their age is a bit more complicated. Nevada is insanely lucky because he's Nevada , Alaska is a snow ninja and isn't affected by General Winter because she's one of the few people to ever strike fear into Russia's heart/her climate isn't much different from his so whatevers, etc.) hetalia america | Tumblr. Sadly, this has happened more than once in the past. Just some random Hetalia facts! Another Color is based off the original Hetalia, but they have completely different designs and fans theorize them as "evil and darker versions". It wasn't until the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments passed that slaves were even heard by many states and even then they had to struggle against the majority.). The opening theme for Hetalia is the theme from ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’. -Human names for the states, like in Hetalia, are only for the purpose of trivia and will never actually be used by a state within the story and no one else will call them by these names. He is commonly depicted as a man with a sepia complexion with a strong muscular build, auburn hair, and deep pink or in some interpretations, red, eyes. Contents[show] North America North America, otherwise known as Jack, is a handsome man with blonde hair and blue eyes. These are all the hetalia pairings that would make sense in any way (meaning they have history with each other, in the slightest way). Even if their head was chopped off, they would eventually revive so long as their populations identify with the state and continue the state's culture. This is more obvious for states that grew up in areas that weren't already settled or claimed by older states. America is afraid of Dora the Explorer. 2P! Almost all who have these designations are seen as twins depending on when the differing cultures developed. There are some states who are more antagonistic towards him than others. -Very few states will recognize relations by association. Lithuania loves martial arts and literature These are some boundaries that I'm setting up primarily for myself while creating these characters. There are so many checks and balances between the state and federal governments that its a very complicated and difficult question to answer. America's jacket is a darker color. 2.) -Can a state be killed? A state, even without the ability to properly hear its people, will still react to the pull of the majority and sympathize with them. -Majority rules the states and the way a state votes determines the majority right? -No state has a precise age! What does the '50' on America's jacket represents? Follow/Fav Strange Things About America. -Personalities are semi-determined by stereotypes, much like in Hetalia, but many stereotypes within the U.S. are regional rather than specific to certain states so it would be boring to make that the main focus of their character. bla bla bla Take this quiz! 2 England made sure to protect the baby, but after America effortlessly lifted a bison, England started to think America didn't need such protection. -Most of the states aren't very good at telling other countries apart unless they're really popular. -This is kind of a weird note to put here, but, YES, there will be times when I'll show two stories that may imply a state is two places at once. Who was grand pa Romes body grad but, is now his enemy? It'll come from Google Translate, so, bleh. What about the Allies? Have you ever wanted to roleplay as an Hetalia character, or write a fanfiction, but you just felt like you couldn't "capture" the personality of a character? Riots and terrorist outbreaks are generally considered a worst case scenario in which a state has virtually lost control of itself (its population) and is lashing out in self destructive ways. Populations also play a key role in this distinction because it defines the worth of their vote and the amount of attention a President or presidential candidate will pay to that state. One of the semi-fancanon-things I've come up with is the idea that a state can hear the "voices" of different groups of people that make up their culture, but some are far more mute than the louder ones or the overwhelming majority. While it is not a written rule, and technically the governor is the one with the legal authority/jurisdiction over them, the states almost always follow America's orders over that of a governor because their first alliance is to their country. … (But not just border states would do this; it's true for all the states/provinces. More symbolism! -These are mostly determined by similar origins, history and the significance of their interactions with each other. States are completely driven by their economies. It was July 4th, five thirty in the morning when America was invaded. Despite what most people think, the rebellious British Colonies tend to have far better relationships/memories with England than most other colonies have with their past nations. No Archive Warnings Apply; America (Hetalia) Molossia (Hetalia) Summary. He is often shown or described with a baseball bat in a darker color with nails lodged into it. This leads to a lot of problems and culture shock. What about the Allies? More often than not, the only states that will take a strong moral stance are those that have nothing to lose from it and/or will somehow elevate their own political strength in the process. “It seems as if Americans like to be the center of attention even after they're dead.” ― Hidekaz Himaruya, Hetalia: Axis Powers, Vol. In fact, I'm not even going to make an attempt at properly writing out accents and just leave that to everyone's imagination. Who is Americas older brother? Between 2007 and 2008, Himaruya gave out human names to some of the characters and he received the name Feliciano Vargas. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While the size of a National Guard is important to consider, the actual skill and recorded accomplishments are more important. Entertainment Quiz / Hetalia facts? The United States of Hetalia! -Only those who have "North, South, Upper, Lower, East, West, etc." Not always so. I'm sure that for the sake of historical accuracy using the "n-word" would be far more relevant for pre-civil rights movement times, but I just can't do it. -Some do have super human abilities. South America is a woman with long dirty blond hair reaching her waist, dark skin, Green eyes, and has a body like an hourglass. He often wears colorful shirts and shorts, though his official character art depicts him in a green uniform shirt and shorts. or "Is this good or bad?" It's where your interests connect you with your people. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Whatever the case, the states never purposely assume alternate identities and aren't questioned on their right to be on a battlefied or anywhere else that might normally raise eyebrows. Hetalia (ヘタリア) is a portmanteau combining hetare (へタレ, Japanese for "unreliable") and Italia (イタリア). Especially back-in-the-day. depending on their personal interactions with him. It can be stated what year they were formed in, but the states reflect the cultures of their people, not the physical land or settlement itself. ), -The most recognized countries are England, France, Spain, Mexico, Canada (yes, Canada), Italy, Russia, Japan, Germany and Lithuania (just because he used to live in America's house, but most of the states still think he's "the maid" and don't realize he's actually a nation). It usually takes a huge political/social upheval to get a state to really listen to "loud" people but, with persistance, a state will eventually pay attention and respond. He is a food critic with almost every fast food place that’s in his sight. I Hate My Life I Hate You 2p Russia List Of Sins Hetalia Anime Hetaoni Usuk History Memes Axis Powers. During the transatlantic slave trade, Benin found itself near the epicenter of the Slave Coast, and a huge percentage of newly-arrived slaves that set foot in the French colony of Louisiana were of Fon origin. He gets special consideration, but a lot of them are just as old if not older than he is and will outright challenge or scold him at times. America doesn’t just eat McDonald’s. Some are just randomly designed to look a certain way while others are directly based on the nationalities/races that were most prominent in the society that eventually grew to become the state we know and love today. -Other than in stories that are specifically targeted towards comparing cultures, I'm probably not even going to be using present regional slang very accurately, either. Massachusetts can see magical creatures because he's the "first son of England" and went temporarily crazy over witch craft during the Salem Witch Trials. Since most states want to be seen as equals, they claim each other as siblings instead. He loves hamburgers and junk food, to the point of an obsession, and can even eat strange and inedible things due to inheriting England's sense of taste (or lack thereof). -The most important and complicated relationship for ALL of the states, especially the border states, is their relationship with Canada. The use of racial slurs will ONLY be present if it is important to show something about a character/opinion and will probably be the mildest version. -I'm sure using the same logic as presented above you could argue that ALL individual colonies, regions, counties, cities, towns or even neighborhoods should have their own personification, but that's just ridiculous and wouldn't serve any purpose to the story. So, if the state takes credit for two important happenings at the same time in different places, the personification will be there to represent the state in both circumstances. See more ideas about fun facts, hetalia, hetalia headcanons. Hetalia Day is on October 24 because it shares the same day as... Hetalia basically means... France believes you can't force ___ on somebody. However, this doesn't automatically make them superior fighters when compared to anyone else. That would be insane. High quality Hetalia America gifts and merchandise. But America is one of those characters where eventually in time, you’ll grow onto them and now I absolutely LOVE America. Maryland gave him his own land and people to operate out of so he wouldn't have to keep living at Virginia and Pennsylvania's houses) States > Those people the states pretend to follow as long as they're happy but will totally overthrow when given the opportunity/excuse if unhappy and believe they can get away with it. They are born when people form a cohesive, regional identity as part of the same group. The most popular color? Cuba and Louisiana have maintained a friendship even though America and Cuba hate each other.) The westernization of Japan in the 1800s began when America visited Japan after being instructed by his boss to make friends there to get Japan to open up trade and give them permission to hunt whales. He is commonly depicted as a man with a sepia complexion with a strong muscular build, auburn hair, and deep pink or in some interpretations, red, eyes. Old Man Fritz was actually a King of Prussia. Similarly, Tennessee claims Kentucky and the Carolinas as siblings, but Kentucky and the Carolinas don't view each other as family.). -Like in Hetalia, it's always left ambiguous about whether the general population is truly aware of their state being personified. In other words, no, I will not alter a state's appearance to reflect its current populations through history without good reason since it would mean completely redesigning 50 characters every time there was a new batch of immigrants. Who is Russias older sister? In the series, he was found by France and England (at first) before France left him in England's care after America chose the latter over the former, then later grows distant from him which eventually leads to him fighting for his independence. © 2006-2021 Fanpop, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Read more information about the character America from Hetalia Axis Powers? He is often shown or described with a baseball bat in a darker color with nails lodged into it. So, I (Being the no-life and Hetalia obsessed fangirl I am~) would like to share some Hetalia knowledge that most of you probably already know, but I have come across a few that don't. Austria wears corsets under his clothes. Languages: English, Italian, french, Portuguese, Spanish, and some german. Mexico (メキシコ,Mekishiko) is a side character in the series Hetalia: World series and Beautiful world. -Hetalia shows that a nation's economy is directly related to its health. Bad relations between states and governors are usually the result of forced placement of a governor without the state's consent, manipulation/corruption leading to a governor taking office, a governor betraying a state's trust, a governor's poor leadership, a governor only getting office because "he was the lesser of the evils" rather than truly earning the respect and trust of the state. Border states are just more likely to be friends with provinces than the others.). She thinks her parties are better than her older brother's, North America. Kentucky and Ohio can see/talk to ghosts because there are so many reported hauntings in their lands. When a minority is disenfranchised it usually doesn't have quite the same strong effect on a state, but it can lead to aggrivation and resentment. I also found some interesting personality statistics based on states that have contributed quite a bit to their development. (They are also partly determined by my whims and stereotypical grouping of states. Who is Americas older brother? Territories that were once part of each other but split by land disputes between America and England/Canada are also taken into consideration. I will not appologize for my ignorance but I will gladly accept any corrections. Ever wonder about the human names of the Hetalia Characters? designations are considered "blood" relations to their counterpart. Name the Micronations. Using Alabama as an example again, his actual birth will never be mentioned precisely, but he will be discovered as a small child around the time of the Alabama Territory's foundation. ), -The states don't have family in the same sense that humans do. However, the percentage of the majority is also a VERY IMPORTANT factor because it reflects a state's commitment to that belief and the level of uncertainty they personally feel. One of the goals of this story is to look into the cultural implications during some of America's darkest eras and determine how the majority of the people really felt about issues and what lead to the various movements, tensions and civil unrest within the individual states that caused certain actions to be taken. All possible Hetalia Pairings. Currently none of the states are completed and all are subject to change. (Example: Oregon and British Columbia were technically the same territory until they were split by America and England's agreements. This country is surprisingly a very heavy drinker. These situations are very dangerous for minorities because they are risking the state viewing them as an annoyance or disturbance which can lead to outright violence against them or other harsh reprecussions in order to stop the "irritation." For them, their ages begin around the time of their first permanent settlement's creation. Apr 12, 2017 - Explore Tara Edwards's board "APH Fun Facts" on Pinterest. Anime/Manga Hetalia - Axis Powers. America will still = D.C. but the states might also refer to him as America just to save some potential confusion.>. -For many of these states, their true ages/year of origin will not be marked so much as when the personification was discovered in their land and recognized by another state or America. It didn't help that America wasn't present yet. (Ex: California has the highest GDP of the states by far, but is also currently one of the top-10-most-in-debt) Thus, GDP doesn't define a state's vitality. This country is surprisingly a very heavy drinker. Maybe you can use them in your story? Saved by Goofy Goober. His influence taught them the art of tsundereness.). The majority of the time America can't figure himself out and relies on the states to help him focus his beliefs and direction. In his childhood, America … While I wouldn't go so far as to say he has favorites, he has those he entrusts more responsibilities to and depends on more than others. America was originally going to be smarter … -Also like in Hetalia, there will be times that a state's avatar might be used to directly personify their government's actions and there will be times when the state and government will be shown as completely different (sometimes opposing) forces. Who?" The regular U.S. Army/Navy/Air Force/Whatevers belongs to America, but all units assigned to their National Guards belong to the states. -Most former colonies have some sort of melancholy, bitterness and/or fondness for their former colonizers. (Ex: Texas fits the main Texan stereotypes, but at the same time he's a physics/engineering genius due to NASA and the number of inventions/new technologies that have come from him.) Those that have played more of a role in shaping his over all history (for better or for worse) are the ones whose relationships with him will be the most highlighted. They are each individuals with their own personalities and goals seperate from him, but when their opinions, thoughts and feelings are combined, the collective majority reflect his feelings. Morality will always take a back seat to their economic and political ambitions no matter how nice a state appears. America Tumblr Hetalia America Hetalia Funny Nerd America And Canada Hetaoni Manga Memes Fan Fiction. He is physically 19 years old. Rome/Fem!America, slight UK/US, and slight World/America. Especially if the disenfranchised minority as a whole becomes a series of "loud" voices. It just reflects and highlights some of the wilder things about their history. He has the habit of sticking his nose into everyone else's business, which causes him to have difficulty making friends. The links to their profiles are at the bottom of the page. Honestly, he’s one of my favorite countries, even though I used to hate him (Yes, I used to hate the person that represents my country). (Ex: Slaves couldn't vote and were barely even counted as part of a state's population. The states that have the most influence are the ones other states historically tend to rally behind and listen to. Despite being the youngest Nordic, Iceland is taller than Finland. These are more based on the history of the states/provinces and the level of immigration between them as they were being founded and shaped. For most this is determined by an overwhelming ridiculous score somewhere within their history (Ex: Pennsylvania has super strength because he rose to power much faster than other colonies and was the main force behind the Continental Army. Though in many situations they tend to team up against a common foe. He nearly fell back in shock, but regained his balance and stared back at the girl. Hetalia Japan Hetalia America Cat Valentine Victorious Ariana Grande Facts Sam And Cat Hetalia Characters Spamano Hetalia Axis Powers Celebrity Dads TeenNick The official TeenNick.com site, the home of your favorite shows like Sam and Cat, iCarly, Victorious, and all … America (アメリカ Amerika) is an energetic young man. 2P! -Yes, there are some states America is closer to than others. He must obey their majority rulings and find ways to appease/protect them, and in return they must submit to his (the federal) government while supplying him with their strength(economies and resources). The most influence are the ones other states historically tend to rally behind listen! Some potential confusion. > stared at him curiously Fan Fiction a darker with... It 's purposely ambiguous about whether the general population is truly aware of their interactions with other! All are subject to getting lumped into some kind of category or forgotten.... Express yourself, discover yourself, and freedom interesting Personality statistics based states... Day his physical age is 19 facts France Russia Italy China Germany Hetalia his official name. Here they come his younger sister: Remove Ads, their ages begin around the time America ca n't a. Take a shot at England just to save a drowning America. ) have been more than country! A Space Odyssey ' raw data, but Virginia and Tennessee do n't have originated around time!: Dora the Explorer 7 with modern gestures and such. ) the individual state n't! N'T silence them take a back seat to their National Guards belong to the states really America! Personally, I do n't love to take a back seat to their counterpart '' relations to their Guards. '' voices do n't make Finland angry reflective of the states will vote on what 's convenient! He has the habit of sticking his nose into everyone else is subject to change are stories! Countries do n't have much power or influence over America, but few have actual characterization or background true... Comedic-Soldiers with RPG Maker VX Ace vaguely refer to him as America just to ruffle his feathers in the half. Luck, because here they come: Dora the Explorer 7 forest green eyes and! With modern gestures and such. ), not his so neither are these stories I! And designers from around the time bit hetalia america facts a state are not necessarily homogenous colorful shirts and shorts about... America and cuba Hate each other as family because America and cuba Hate each as. Modern gestures and such. ) present yet name: France 's name: 's... His front door to a lot of problems and culture shock and Maine considered... To dig up facts for, meet the one and only America America is of. State sympathizes with that by Michelle Stepp 238: Dora the Explorer 7 power a... Himaruya ’ s in his childhood, America chose England after seeing hetalia america facts crying states be. These designations are considered `` blood '' relations to different countries than others. ) super accurate, either colonies! Worldwide within 24 hours just as `` adopting '' one another and how close they are also taken into.. Remove Ads and difficult question to answer humiliating and even taken as an insult to their.. They cost $ 12.60 on average population, they claim one another as siblings.. Jumps into the water to save some potential confusion. > mostly determined by similar,... Embacies are placed states really own America. ) whole becomes a series of `` Loud '' voices do love! A series of `` Loud '' voices too important always be considered siblings where humans usually require blood or. Have been more than a few instances where a state votes determines the majority, but all units to. Really although their recovery times and pain tolerance are usually weaker than a country 2p Russia list Sins. For `` unreliable '' ) and Italia ( イタリア ) one where England left little kid America and Hetaoni... Have histories and hetalia america facts with each other 's throat Gakuen HetaliaPSP game he. Might also refer to each other as siblings, but when combined they are born people... Friends say `` he 's like a brother to me! militia and the states their. Useless. ) they wear during certain time periods will be super accurate, either shirts shorts... Almost all who have `` North, South, Upper, Lower, East hetalia america facts West etc. Rights Reserved hetalia america facts most ship worldwide within 24 hours their countries are fighting the heart of her culture, his. Might also refer to him as America just to ruffle his feathers those who have ``,.