Directions: Take Route 302 into Crawford Notch. Part of the … Crawford Notch State Park is rich in history with the famous Willey House. Start off on Arethusa Falls Trail and bear left at the trail junction to follow Bemis Brook Trail. During this day long waterfall adventure we will hike to as many of the 8 waterfalls within Crawford Notch as time and your desire for adventure allows. And another account says Henry W. Ripley was a companion of the legendary Abel Crawford (1766–1851), who discovered the waterfall while out trapping sable. The Arethusa-Ripley Falls Trail passes by this waterfall. Willey Brook Falls, Crawford Notch – These falls are an impressive series of cascades located on Willey Brook, above Willey Brook Trestle (above), on the side of Mount Willard in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire.The real adventure is just getting to them, which can be tricky if you use the wrong route. Crawford Notch State Park has 5,775 acres providing access to numerous hiking trails, waterfalls, fishing, wildlife viewing, and spectacular mountain views. The trail closely parallels Bemis Brook. From ethereal forest brooks to roaring alpine cascades, the U.S. is home to some of the most amazing waterfalls in the world. Ripley Falls, Crawford Notch – Located on Avalanche Brook in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire, the 100 foot Ripley Falls is one of the more picturesque waterfalls in the White Mountains. If that’s not enough – here are a few other waterfalls in/around Crawford Notch: Kendron Flume (follow the Kedron Trail .75 mi), Gibbs Falls (follow Crawford Path .6 mi), Nancy Cascade (located a little south of the Notch – follow Nancy Pond Trail 2.4 mi). Hi! Most trails leave the park and enter the White Mountain National Forest. The Arethusa-Ripley Falls Trail passes by this waterfall. It's unknown who originally named the brook Cow Brook, but it seems possible Abel Crawford named it. Arethusa falls is one of New Hampshire’s biggest waterfalls at 140 feet tall. But Sparkling Cascade, now considered a forgotten waterfall, is no longer the tourist attraction it was during the mid and late 1800s. Crawford Notch State Park has a landscape of mountains, forests, river and waterfalls, making it a beautiful scenery to hike, observe wildlife, camp and fish. © 2020 NH State Parks. But other accounts say a fisherman found the waterfall before Ripley. And while the waterfall is impressive, the history of Ripley Falls and Avalanche Brook is intriguing. There are few natural wonders more enchanting than a beautiful waterfall. And though they were aware of the brook’s name (Cow Brook), they call it Ripley’s Brook, and the ravine the brook is in they call Porter’s Ravine. So, we wondered – how many could we hike to in a single day? From the trail junction it’s about a mile hike on moderately difficult terrain to reach Arethusa Falls. Since an adventure like this may take the better part of a day – if you’re planning to try it yourself – you might want to reserve a campsite at Dry River Campground before setting out. Thompson Falls at Wildcat are also very nice but can be a bit crowded. To license any of the photos in this blog article for publications, click on the photo. They are sometimes erroneously referred to as the tallest waterfalls in New Hampshire, but they are in fact the second tallest, after the Mahoosuc Range’s seasonal Dryad Falls. However, Thomas Starr King didn't like the name Cow Brook. Length: Three miles round-trip or five-mile loop. East Branch & Lincoln Railroad, Utility Poles. New Summer Video Series: Limitless Adventure, reserve a campsite at Dry River Campground. We will be going next week….do you think the waterfalls are still flowing since it is July? The Basin, Cascades, Kinsman Falls, Rocky Glen Falls. Crawford Notch State Park has 5,775 acres providing access to numerous hiking trails, waterfalls, fishing, wildlife viewing, and spectacular mountain views. And while the waterfall is impressive, the history of Ripley Falls and Avalanche Brook is intriguing. You’ll pass Fawn Pool and come up quickly on Coliseum Falls. Welcome to the photoblog of Erin Paul Donovan, a professional photographer located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire USA. And in his 1859 book, The White Hills: Their Legends, Landscape and Poetry he suggests changing the name of Cow Brook to Avalanche Brook (for the 1826 Willey House disaster). The one verifiable fact is that Henry W. Ripley of North Conway and Mr. Porter (maybe William D.) of New York did explore Avalanche Brook, called Cow Brook at the time, in September 1858. Lying on the Ellis River, Glen Ellis Falls is a natural spectacle. Towards the north end of the park are Gibbs Falls, Beecher and Pearl Cascades, and the towering sister waterfalls known as Flume Cascade and Silver Cascade. Discounting the seasonal/ephemeral waterfalls, Arethusa Falls is believed to be the tallest single-drop waterfall that is trail-accessible in New England. It's a spectacular sight accessible by an easy half day hike. Most accounts say Henry W. Ripley and a Mr. Porter first discovered the waterfall in September 1858. It is a half-mile easy walk in from the parking area off Route 302 and well-marked. 302). When you approach Silver and Flume Cascade you’ll see two parking areas for viewing the falls on the left side of the road – pull off and park there. Crawford Notch State Park, Hart's Location: Address, Phone Number, Crawford Notch State Park Reviews: 4.5/5. Arethusa Falls | Hart’s Location. The Ellis River plummets 64 feet to the basin below in a torrent of white water at this … There are two ways to access this trail from Crawford Notch State Park. One of the main attractions is Arethusa Falls, a 160′ falls. The following two tabs change content below. Some of the below resources are affiliate links, and we will earn a commission if you use that link to make a purchase. Hiking Distance: .6 mi (follow Avalon Trail to Cascade Loop). Crawford Notch State Park - Hart's Location (Route 302). The Old Man of the Mountain , a rock formation on Cannon Mountain that resembled the craggy profile of a man's face, was a White Mountain landmark until it fell in May 2003. And while Henry W. Ripley is credited for discovering these waterfalls, you can’t help but wonder if Abel Crawford discovered them first. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Best Waterfall Trails in Crawford Notch State Park | AllTrails Arethusa Falls in Crawford Notch State Park is often regarded as the tallest waterfall in New Hampshire, with a drop of around 140 feet. After Bemis Falls, the trail becomes very steep and challenging for a few hundred yards. Ripley Falls – This waterfall is a 100-foot tall and located in Crawford Notch State Park. Much like its neighbor just uphill, Flume Cascade, this cascade is a series of waterfalls dropping down the side of Crawford Notch. I started out along the Bemis Brook Trail with a friend, and we quickly got into the woods and discovered Bemis Brook, a beautiful river that flows down off the western wall of Crawford Notch. Although I have seen height estimates up to 1000 feet for both of these falls, I think that figure is greatly exaggerated. Heavily visited Arethusa Falls, the second tallest waterfall in New Hampshire, lies on a southwest flank of Crawford Notch. THE FALLS Crawford Notch State Park is rich with noteworthy waterfalls. But for some thrill-seeking visitors to Ripley Falls in Crawford Notch State Park, simply sitting idly by and watching the water go by isn't enough. Hiking Distance: 1.6 miles (one way via Bemis Brook/Arethusa Falls Trail). 10. Crawford Notch Hiking Map This park, located in the White Mountains, offers popular family hikes to unique cliffs and brisk waterfalls including the highest in the state, Arethusa Falls. Continue on to 4,312-foot Mount Pierce for terrific mountain views and a taste of alpine habitat. Hiking Distance: 0 miles (parking is available across the street) (you can hike around on the ledges next to the falls if desired), Hiking Time: 0 minutes (located right off of Rt. The terrain levels off a bit after connecting again with the Arethusa Falls Trail. Here’s The Most Jaw Dropping Waterfall In All 50 States. Turn left and follow the road to the parking area for Ripley Falls Trail and Ethan Pond Trail. Terrain is fairly easy on this first section of the trail. You can walk across Rt 302 and access both of these falls from there. His work is published worldwide, and credits include; Backpacker Magazine, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the Appalachian Mountain Club, and The Wilderness Society. Ripley Falls has one of … We are often on the hunt for short easier hikes with great views for us aging ones. The drive through Crawford Notch is awe inspiring. For us the magic number was 8 – but for others it might be more or less. Perfect information, Thanks! Hiking Distance: .5 mi (via Ripley Falls Trail). Erin Paul is a professional photographer who specializes in environmental conservation and historic preservation photography in the New Hampshire White Mountains.