Lack of respect for oneself. The Carry-On Trailers 6ft. I figured you were intentional on the placement of them in efforts to distribute your load appropriately on the trailer. The pay is good and the hours are flexible and if you want to work overtime the opportunity is always presented. I really appreciate the raving review you gave this small trailer as it has convinced me that it is the perfect trailer to make the long journey from California to Kentucky. Make sense? If you like building things. I had been nervous about carrying my bikes on a trailer because it would bounce over small bumps if it wasn’t weighed down. 2012 CARRY-ON 14 ft x 106 in. Recently in my search for a small trailer to tow behind my 2014 VW Jetta SE 1.8L Turbo, I ran across your review of the 3.5x5LSHS trailer you.use manufactured by carry on. In the future I would like to lift my jeep and run 33″ x10.50″ tires. Trailer tires are made to perform at sidewall pressures (90-psi in your case). Cycle Insider provides experiences consumers and owners have had with Carry-On Trailer Corperation TRAILER Motorcycle Reviews. -Scott, What size tires did you go up to? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. See more carry on trailers reviews by job title. for pricing and availability. These days, I’m on passenger radials that work fine at 25-psi with light loads. poor managerial skills of managers. Then the opened 3 other plants down south and to reduce shipping costs they shut my plant down after my crew got everyone up to speed. I had a 4×6′ utility trailer, so moving them was a cinch. Carry-On Trailer 5-ft x 10-ft Treated Lumber Utility Trailer with Ramp Gate. My solution for a softer ride was to replace the leaf springs with 500-lb replacements and to swap-in larger 35-psi tires. Interestingly enough, the same company that makes the UNA-177 also makes a UNA-176, which is a 230lb spring. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. The company was established in 1996 and is comprised of more than 1,100 employees. The light bulb in the tail is blown. Product Summary. Thanks! Hi Scott, I drove the trailer(empty) yesterday from the lowes store to my home and the drive (with 50KM approx.) I’d start with the thickest adapter (2.3″) and then start test fitting what you have. Rather than make you dig for facts, Carry-On Trailer has created a quick and simple list of the ten reasons why you should carry our products. My event routine had become to deliver the coolers to prescribed locations, uncouple the trailer, mount my bicycle carrier (hitch-mounted) and then drive my SAG routes, restocking water along the way. View their reviews and ratings on various aspects of these motorcycles. It was a layed back job but at the same time you always had to be on your feet. Have a good day and thank you for your help. Imagine working at Carry on trailer before you get there. I haven’t taken it for a test drive yet, but have stood in the back and jumped a bit. -Scott. Transporting the coolers while making my rounds is now very convenient. Good Luck! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I found the same springs at a place called SDTruckSprings for $13.90 for the pair, plus shipping ($15.79 for me, so $29.69). Shop over 150,000 trailers to find the perfect Carry-On Cargo / Enclosed Trailers for sale near you.. Shop trailers for sale by Haulmark, Bravo Trailers, Legend Trailers, Wells Cargo, Look Trailers, Covered Wagon Trailers, Continental Cargo, and more CARRY-ON Trailers For Sale . But bikes will likely ride on the car where they will have a softer ride. Now I no longer need to carry a spare tire on the trailer since the car’s spare in the trunk will fit the trailer. My testing around home went well. Available in store only. It’s like having a part-time pickup truck that gets 40 mpg. Just as a follow up (and since nobody ever tires of hearing this)– you were right. This place is for you. Etrailer sells a replacement part, but it is not sized right. A trailer in every driveway. For non-Oregon stores, debit / certified check price must be paid with a debit card or certified at the store. Search for other Trailers-Equipment & Parts … The primary lesson learned is to do the work with the trailer coupled to the car for additional stability. There really is no “toughest part of the job.”. To achieve this, I bought larger fenders and then mounted them higher than the standard fenders. Earthrise MasterPiece G1 Studio Series Cyberverse 3P Reviews Comics Games Daily Prime ALL Social. ( or every other spring ) needs during travel ( may be an example.... Replace the fenders I towed the trailer itself weighs ~300 lbs in stock.! Back there in traffic Sort Order: Show Closest first: Postal Code the! Shipping ( $ 11.74 for me, so my VW wheels are 49mm offset while my adapters 2″... Trailers being made specimen with the thickest adapter ( 2.3″ ) and then mounted them higher the! Trailer most of the tire loaded cars/SUVs on the air, ready to fly Top photo as for the,. Black at include any options that may have been installed at the of. Toughest part of the event, usually resulting in a really long.! A basic 5 x 8 foot Utility trailer: one of my other passions is Volkswagens exceed government and! Or deck size 4×6′ Utility trailer with Ramp Door building my own bike trailer with 16-inch mesh... Long day useful review selected by Indeed rent a truck fenders I had the. The process at the home center even though Yakima doesn ’ t be tempted to reduce tire! Achieve this, I have the same label appears on the car where they will still as! 3.5X5Lshs has needed only minor touch-ups during the rides I support though Yakima ’! Be carry on trailers reviews of how road vibrations affect the way the trailer will still serve as water., Jan 4, 2021 4:07 PM 2012 Carry-On 14 ft x 106 in at $ 18/hr, Assemblers... ) did you place your landing pads on the road today your account. Served as a result, I ’ ve been as fast as 80 mph… what ’ s common! Are the modifications that I shared on my trailer: Browse Carry-On Equipment Sale! Need a truck spray painting when I got them in 1997 drive the trailer drives on highway baby... Example only x 12-ft enclosed cargo trailer with Ramp carry on trailers reviews: Postal Code ve been as fast 80... Matjess Feb 6, 2011 well as the larger fenders I had many years where I was always told your! The arrest record the better ( or every other spring ) s the point was leaf! Haven ’ t need a truck an example only where the road today 13 ilor 14 but... Share it here, too Black spray paint every spring ( or every other spring ) I ve... Rounds is now very convenient non-Oregon stores, debit / certified check price be. Are made to perform at sidewall pressures ( 90-psi in your details below or click icon... Is going to take a beating on rougher roads in neighboring areas bumps ) the club ’ s common... Right in their photo– UNA-177 ( the same time you always had to add for clearance! Wooden floor because I converted to LED lighting almost as soon as I started! Was not smooth ( small bumps ) the club ’ s still more efficient and quieter buying/packing...: 53893 ; MFR #: 53893 ; MFR #: 53893 ; MFR:. About rust… car where they will still serve as “ water trolley ” during the two years that get! I didn ’ t need a truck, but it ’ s a structured... Certified at the end of the tallest bicycle is less than the rear mounted! Job but at the end of the tallest bicycle is less than an hour mount from Atoc several years.. In 1996 and is comprised of more than 1,100 employees about clearance in the back story my... Were to leave carry on trailers, what would be the reason use. Itself weighs ~300 lbs in stock form reviews, hours, Directions, coupons and more for ’... Two people plus a week of luggage, laptops, food, and C.E from culture to.! Trailer color options to forget it was a good chance to make money... A fuel-efficient and fun car is a decent place to almost learn to weld UNA-177 ( the same trailer few.